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I have been an artist as long as I can remember myself. I have always loved to draw and paint and spent a lot of my free time working on some art projects.  As a teenager I took some art classes where I learned about history of art as well as some basics in drawing and painting.  My most favorite class was a portrait class. I was always fascinated about human eyes. They say that the eyes are the window to the person’s soul and I cannot agree more.  I am sure you can see that in my sculptures  :-)

Although I always wanted to try to sculpt a human I have never had a chance until about 3 years ago when I discovered polymer clay! One day I was browsing EBay for the art made of polymer clay and I discovered the whole new world of Fantasy Art. From the first moment I saw those wonderful sculptures I knew that I want to create one… So I did ….and I could not stop ever since! Sculpting fairies and mermaids became my passion! When I start working on a new sculpture I usually have an idea of what I want her to be. But as soon as I pick up the clay it takes over me and the little creature I work on tells me what she wants to be so most of the times I end up with something absolutely different from what I envisioned :-) I put all my heart in every single sculpture I created, they bring me joy and happiness and I hope they would do the same for their new families.

Me and my little Muse!

My daughter Natalia is my number one fan!

I want to thank all of the wonderful artists I got to know for the last 3 years who shared their talent and their knowledge with me and others!  And the special Thank You goes to my collectors who are so kind and supportive of my art!

Thank you!

Olga Kirillova